• Creativity, Innovation & Success

    Creativity, Innovation & Success

    Online success achieved through creative, versatile thinking.

    Innovative approach to achieve success for our clients

    We love being creative, and customising our approach to your needs

    We enjoy making companies successful!

  • Testimonial Gullivers Sports Travel - Sian Mathias

    CWA have structured our PPC campaigns to maximize control and minimize spend, designing the campaigns to differentiate ourselves from competitors but still incorporating relevant event driven keywords.

    This has lead to a significant increase in online traffic and conversions, and reduced CPC rates.

    Not only have they transformed our online presence, we have been thoroughly impressed with their knowledge, friendly service - they have always been responsive to our queries and only too happy to help and give advice.

  • Online growth achieved with stability

    Whitehat SEO practices to achieve stable, desirable results

    Targeted online PR which builds your brand and increases your rankings

    Our methods are focused on your brand's long term success

    Search engine optimisation which stands the test of time

  • Mad Molly Testimonial

    I have been using CWA for all my Google Adwords, marketing and Search Engine Optimisation and I cannot praise them enough.

    Jackie and her team have worked tirelessly on MadMolly and I would very happily recommend them to anyone needing assistance with their website.

    She has a rare quality that does not seem to be prevalent in the business world today.

  • Blogs To Leverage Great Results

    Blogs have more impact on consumers than social networks

    Are you making your blog authentic?

    We love writing authority, original blogs for you

    Blogs build customer loyalty

  • Testimonial Alan Blunden & Co Ltd - Richard Burgess

    Experts in their chosen field is quite simply an understatement of their work.

    In an ideal world we would never recommend Jackie and her Company to anyone as we want to keep them to ourselves as they have been instrumental in developing our online presence!

    We find Jackie and her Company enthusiastic and extremely creative in their approach to SEO, website design, adword campaign management and website article production.

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Authority Content

We develop customised authority content for your website, blog and off your site to get trustworthy links back to your site. We also project manage special bespoke content campaigns.
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Custom PR/SEO

We know that appearing on prestigious blogs and sites relating to your niche is one of the most valuable methods of online PR. This also has a positive effect on SEO. It is a time consuming but worthwhile process.
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PPC – Google Adwords

Google Adwords management – we set up campaigns based on your cost per acquisition, which will be agreed before we start working together. This way we can make your campaign profitable.
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White Hat SEO Company

Essentially SEO is about building your website and brand into a trusted authority in its niche. Trusted by Google and the other search engines, and by your customer base.
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Recent Guides

Self-Publishing For Business People

When I was in advertising sales, I was perpetually concerned about my credibility regarding my products. I wanted to assure my clients that I was an expert, and their trust (and money) were well placed with me and my product.

I didn’t publish my first novel until after I’d left that world, but in retrospect, I could have gained instant credibility with my potential customers if I knew then what I know now about self-publishing.
Fountain Of Knowledge

No doubt you’re a fountain of knowledge about your business. You live and breathe it everyday. Successful business people continually accumulate information which can be actuated into a product or service which earns them their income. When you’re full of such valuable assets, why not share them?

Self-publishing has become insanely popular since the invention of digital reading.

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The Freelancer’s Guide to Twitter

Twitter is not meant to be an advertising medium; rather, it’s a medium for conversation and sharing. However, you can still use it to find freelance jobs if you tweet in the right way. Here are some tips from FreelanceSwitch for freelancers looking to capitalize on Twitter.

Self-Promotion Is a No-No
Don’t use Twitter to talk nonstop about yourself and the services you provide. Doing so, according to FreelanceSwitch, is roughly the equivalent of going to a networking even, grabbing a microphone, and shouting, “Hire me!” or, “Come get a business card, now!”

You’d more than likely be considered a nut and shown the door. Use Twitter as a place to connect with new people, and keep in mind that a good ratio is for every 10 tweets you post, nine should be about others, and one about you. Try to keep it professional, according to Media Bistro — in your bio, profile, tweets, and re-tweets.
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PPC Management & Optimal Converting Positions

Many advertisers originally believe that they ideally need to be in the first or second position in Google Adwords to get the results they want. The cost of clicks in the highest positions are substantially more expensive than the lower ones, and in some industries this can mean a difference of a few pounds or euros for each click.

Here’s the thing – many customers click on these top ads automatically. Some do it without even thinking, whereas others at least have the intention to buy. However even after clicking on the first ad, depending on the person, the product or service, this potential customer will often click on a few ads in lower positions.

When they are ready to make a decision, they will choose whichever of these tick all of their boxes. The advertiser they choose will not necessarily be the first one that they clicked on, it could be number 3 or number 4.
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SEO – Think Like A Search Engine

People use Google SEO Company as a search term but in actual fact there is no such type of company. There is no Google qualification for SEO. However it is a very popular search term and that is the foundations of a good SEO campaign. The mindset of the people searching is more than likely that they wish to find a company who can get great results for them on Google with it being the biggest and most important search engine for the moment.

The subject of SEO is highly documented on the web and contains plenty of good information but also plenty of mis-information. This leads to it being more difficult to understand for some business owners who let’s face it are busy running their business!

SEO is actually quite simple – it is about creating an authority website in your niche. The site needs to be technically healthy and be an ongoing project of developing the ultimate expertise and trust in your niche.

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