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Travel SEO & Social Media

We work with a small collection of niches, and the travel industry is one of these. We believe that to be able to do excellent work for our clients, we need to have a genuine connection with their industry.

Jackie de Burca first worked in the travel industry when she was 18 years old, in London Student Travel. She later worked on the travel sections of the British Observer Newspaper, and the most respected Irish broadsheet – The Irish Times. She has lived and worked in her native Dublin, London and Greece, and has lived in Spain since 2003

She writes each month for A Luxury Travel Blog – which has been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” by The Daily Telegraph and “best for luxury”.

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SEO Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg…

Although we offer SEO as a service, we see far beyond this. SEO is only one piece of the jigsaw these days. 

Essentially our aim is to build you into an authentic, authority brand in your niche. This approach is what will make you a long-term successful player in your field. There are no quick fixes, anyone who tells you this is unlikely to do your company any favours.

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Authentic Brand Building

Your business is a brand that has the potential to grow and become more successful. Since setting up our boutique agency, in 2007, we have seen dramatic changes in how online success can be achieved.

We are living in exciting times ….when companies of all sizes have the opportunity to really make their mark within their niche market.

We get to know your goals and authentic brand, and then use a variety of tools to build your brand, presence, loyalty and of course profit margins.